Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce

Version: 1.3.2
License: GPL
Developer: MakeWebBetter
Release date: 2019/07/23
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Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce allows eCommerce store owners to provide discount coupons to their customers. Both the referrer and referred customer get rewarded with discount coupons through this Coupon Referral Program plugin.

“The referral will earn a discount coupon when the referred friend places an order. Along with this, all your users will earn a discount coupon when they sign-up on your e-store.”

Therefore, referral marketing strategies help eCommerce marketers to make their brand presence strong, potent and unique from the crowd of marketers. Coupon Referral Programs are the best because they let you gain more customers for your business effortlessly.

“In referral program, customers can share their referral link with any other user to get rewarded with enticing discount coupons.”

However, to earn more referral rewards in the form of discount coupons, customers need to invite as many people as possible with the referral link.

Key Benefits of Best Referral Coupon Program

  • Referral reward program builds a strong customer base.
  • Elevates engagement on site, which ultimately improves revenue.
  • Customer referral program creates an impactful and potent presence.
  • Generates more loyal customers for the type of business you hold.
  • Unique referral link is generated each time.

Key Features of Coupon Referral Program

  • Sign Up Rewards:

    In other words with Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce decide whom you want to reward on your online store. It’s your choice if you want to provide discount coupons to all or only to the referred users when they sign up.

  • Discount Coupon to the Referrer:

    Reward the referrer for referring a friend by providing him a discount coupon when the referred friend purchases anything from your e-store.

  • Social Media Sharing:

    Customers can share the referral link on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. With social sharing referral program, brands can increase brand awareness and engagement in minimum turn around time.

  • Restriction on Order:A new update in Coupon Referral Phenomenon

    Decide up to how many orders you want to provide a discount coupon to your customers.

  • Fully Customizable Button:

    With the draggable button “Referral Program” add animation or customize the text or color of the button.

  • Common Coupon Settings:

    Choose whether you want the coupon to be used in conjunction with other coupons or not!
    Set the type of coupon, length of coupon code, expiration date of the coupon or add a prefix on coupons.

  • Noticeable Popup:

    The popup Coupon Referral Program holds is completely customizable plus it also provides the option to choose the popup image.

  • Set Referral Coupon Amount:

    For example, choose the “type of coupon amount” you want to provide to your customers. You can select a fixed or percentage value to reward your referrer. Select “Fixed” to generate a fixed amount of coupon for the referrer when the referred makes his purchase on your website. In case you select “Percentage” then you need to provide a value in “Percentage Coupon Discount Upto” field. After calculating the percentage value it sends the discount coupon to the referrer of the link.A new update in Coupon Referral Phenomenon

  • Percentage Coupon Discount Upto:

    Use “Referral discount amount upto” field to set the max percentage value of the discount coupon. Reward the referrer by sharing percentage amount from the total purchase amount of the referred friend.

  • Days to Remember the Referral Link:

    The referred users need to remember the days specified by the admin to get rewarded on their sign-up. If anyhow they forget to make their sign-in within the specified period of time then they will not be treated as referred users and won’t earn any discount coupon.

  • Coupon Reporting:

    So, Coupon Reporting can be performed from both the admin and customer end to track and monitor the coupon status. Through Coupon Reporting it’s easy to analyze the overall performance and effectiveness of coupons. Businesses can further use this report to better strategize their promotional strategies.

    (i) Admin Panel Coupon Reporting
    Above all, admin can acquire complete and accurate information regarding referral coupons by clicking “Reports” visible on admin panel. Through the admin panel, it’s easy to monitor details like User Name, User Email, Number of Referred Users, Total Utilization, and the Total Number of Coupons, the customer may endure in his account. It will be easy to gain information like who has referred how many users and the amount of coupon they have used for their shopping.

    (ii) User Panel Coupon Reporting
    Coupon insights can be executed at a broad level by User on a single click on “Referral Coupons”. Fine details like Coupon Creation, Expiry Date, Event, and Referred Users can be presented on a single dashboard to Users. Adding to this, customers can perform coupon reporting by analyzing the total number of coupons they endure, how much coupon amount they have already utilized and the number of users they have referred from their account.  

A new update in Coupon Referral Phenomenon:

  • Leverage Points as Rewards:The Coupon Referral Program is now compatible with WooCommerce Points and Rewards. From now on wards admin can reward their customers with points on signup and purchase through referral, if they don’t wish to use coupons. It provides the reward points set by the WooCommerce store owner on customers’ sign up and purchase through referral.

Note: In conclusion admin needs to enable only one option (Lets say Points and Rewards at a time). They can’t use coupons and points at the same time to reward their customers. Along with this, they should have WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin in their store, if they wish to use this point feature.

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